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The monthly productivity community for freedom seekers
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You'll start by getting 10 hours back...
The Focus and Control Membership (FAC) is a monthly membership program designed to get you full control of your time, so you can do MORE and design the life you know you can have.  

You know you have SO MUCH to offer. So much potential. But you're drowning in too many things to do, and struggling to break through to that next level of freedom where you have passive income, systems in your business, and you can go about your day feeling calm. 

What we do in the FAC membership is give you the tools and skills you'll need to transition into a new lifestyle. You'll get a new trusted productivity system, a hard-core coach, accountability, peak-performer mindsets training, a powerful self-care practice, a community of like-minded freedom seekers...and more.

The very first thing you'll do in the FAC membership is take the Get 10 Hours Back Challenge, where you'll find and recover 10 hours of your week...540 hours a year. After that, you'll be set on a path to hone new skills arm-and-arm with other freedom seekers like you.
...Because you DESERVE to work smarter, not harder.
We’ve trained small business owners and professionals in dozens of industries to step up to their greatness. We’ve also been hired to teach these same exact techniques to top executives from Facebook, Google, PepsiCo, and elite entrepreneurs making 7+ figures.  

The people who are right for this program are SICK of being stuck at 30 or 40% of their potential. They know they can do SO MUCH more but they need a kick in the rear! They a coach, and they need a community holding them ACCOUNTABLE.


Finance Manager

"This was a game changer. I have been more productive over the past 5 months than over the last 5 years.


Small Business Owner

"I'm not exaggerating when I say that the FAC membership changed the way I live my life! I'm so impressed by the personal commitment each of us gets in the community.”
When You Sign Up, You'll Get:
  •  Monthly membership in the Focus & Control Membership (FAC)
  •  1:1 call with your Lifehack Coach to kickstart your experience
  •  Monday & Friday accountability
  •  1 new live training with Demir each month 
  •  1 Ask Me Anything live session with Demir each month
  •  Our time mastery framework, a step-by-step process to get 10 hours back every week
  •  Access to the Focus & Control Membership Community - a tribe of professionals you can learn from and grow with
  •  Targeted monthly challenges and accountability designed to up-level your performance
  •  Content library of over 100 hours of trainings from Demir, Carey, and expert guests
  •  BONUS! Our $497 course, the F.A.S.T. Time Mastery Course, included at no charge
When I was working on Wall Street...
I felt like I was struggling to keep my head above water. Even though I was working crazy long hours, I never got enough done. I gained 80 pounds, sabotaged my relationship, and gave up my hobbies to throw myself into my work. But I still couldn't get ahead.  

That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing this course with you. Because you don’t need to go through the decade of learning, testing, and trial & error that I did.  

Unlike other productivity programs that overwhelm you or offer information that doesn’t really give you actionable next steps, our program will give you proven step-by-step directions to stop feeling overwhelmed and finally feel the power and confidence you’ve been missing. 

Carey and I have read the time management books, taken the seminars, and tested our methods on hundreds of our clients - and it all boils down to these 4 steps.

Plus, our “F.A.S.T. Focus & Control” Process is easy and fun - and suitable for professionals in all industries!