Are you working beneath your potential?
If you said yes, then you're in good company. Most professionals feel unfocused, distracted, and discouraged about the amount of things on their plate. 
But ask yourself this:
Is it really possible to unleash your productivity to get 50% more TIME and 50% more MONEY in 6 months from today?
50% more money? 50% more time? 
You have so much untapped potential that is just waiting to be unleashed. 

And that's where we come in. 

We're Demir & Carey Bentley. And guess what? Getting ahead in your career and life does not have to be so hard. 

We're productivity & performance coaches for professionals who want to skyrocket their efficiency, fast. 

Our job is to show you the recipe to great work and greater living...using simple and FUN techniques.

So are you struggling with managing your time? Do you feel overwhelmed, unfocused, or pulled in a dozen directions? 

This is the answer you've been waiting for!
Success Without The Struggle
We used to feel like success was so HARD.
Demir worked on Wall Street, and Carey worked corporate for Kraft foods. 

We felt like we were struggling to keep our heads above water. Even though we were working crazy long hours, we never got enough done. Demir even gained 80 pounds and gave up his hobbies to throw himself into work. But it wasn't enough...we still couldn't get ahead. 

Sound familiar?

That’s why we're so passionate about what we do. Because we KNOW how to create success without struggle - and we don't want you to have to go through the decade of trial & error that we did!  

Now, in just 30 hours a week, we've created massive success in our business.  And we've designed the lifestyle of our dreams. 

We have the freedom to do whatever we want with our time - and more money than we need.

Whether we're enjoying quality time with our nieces & nephews or taking a bucket-list trip, we're choosing how we spend our time and who we spend it with. 

The secret to our success was simple, yet profound.

Interested? Then read on.


Finance Manager

"This was a game changer. I have been more productive over the past 5 months than over the last 5 years.


Small Business Owner

"I'm not exaggerating when I say that the FAC course changed the way I live my life! I'm so impressed by the personal commitment Demir gives to each of us in the community.
Introducing our
Focus & Control Time Mastery Membership
Our tribe is for you if:
  •  You’re desperate to stay focused, yet entire weeks go by without making significant progress towards your goals 
  •  You feel overwhelmed and stressed out most of the day
  •  You think “If only there were more hours in the day!” 
  •  Emails pile up in your inbox, burying you in a mountain of work
  •  You tend to procrastinate on important projects that would move you ahead
  •  You’re pulled in a dozen directions by conflicting priorities 
  •  You want SUCCESS without the STRUGGLE!
When you join the Membership today, we'll include our bestselling FAST Time Mastery Course for FREE - a $497 value!
  •  4 Hours of Video Lectures explaining the F.A.S.T. Focus & Control process in detail with accompanying PDF worksheets, cheat sheets, and templates
  •  Part 1: "Focus Is The New I.Q." Discover how to play the Sticky Focus Game, our superhack for easily improving your focus and doubling your output, immediately ($199 Value)
  •  Part 2: "What You're Thinking Is What You're Becoming" Break the self-sabotage cycle, defeat negative limiting mindsets, develop perseverance, and discover a new mantra for taking action in the face of procrastination and analysis paralysis ($189 Value)
  •  Part 3: "Work Smarter, Not Harder" Revolutionize how you think about your energy. Discover 3 things to STOP doing to immediately increase your stamina, and 4 tactics to guarantee high energy throughout the day. ($189 Value)
  •  Part 4: "Time Is Free, But It's Priceless" Control and re-capture 10 hours of your Time. Find and save 10 hours, and feel more in control of your time than ever before. ($199 Value)
  •  Part 5: "Discipline Is The Bridge Between Goals And Accomplishments" Discover how to practice these hacks until they become habitual, and how you can leverage 4 Layered Accountability to make it easy to hone your new skills. ($139 Value)
  • Total Value: $915 -> Regular price $497 -> Get it FREE with your membership subscription!
A New, 2-Part Approach To Time Mastery
1. Mastery

Why does everyone talk about time management, but no one is able to actually succeed in mastering it

The reason is because time management is not just one skill. It’s four skills happening at exactly the same time.

The secret is to stop chasing an illusion, and start mastering these four simple skills that will transform your life. 

In the Focus & Control Time Mastery Mentorship, we focus on honing and MASTERING these 4 skills in every area of your life.
2. Community

If you could have done it alone, you would have done it by now. 

That's what makes this mentorship so different. You're surrounded with hundreds of other go-getters just like you, all rooting for your transformation. 

We believe strongly in the power of social accountability and community to build unbreakable new habits. 

Just being around this community will level up your game and make it easier for the results to flood in.


Former Head of Training for Tony Robbins

"I’ve worked for some of the most well known personal development gurus in the world, and I can tell you this is the best productivity program I have ever encountered."


Fashion Photographer

"Before, my system was broken. Now, I’ve built a better, stronger system that WORKS for me, and I get more work done than ever, in less time."
When You Sign Up, You'll Get
  •  Monthly membership in the Focus & Control Membership (FAC)
  •  2 opportunities for live coaching with Demir each month 
  •  Our time mastery framework, a step-by-step process to get 10 hours back every week
  •  Access to the Focus & Control Membership Community - a tribe of professionals you can learn from and grow with
  •  Targeted monthly challenges and accountability designed to uplevel your performance
  •  Access to Demir & Carey - we're here for YOU!
  •    BONUS! Our $497 course, the FAST Time Mastery Course, included for free


Life Coach

"Thank you Demir and Carey! I was telling my hubby this course has been one of the best investments I have ever made and well worth every dollar spent."


District Sales Coordinator

"I hit my 13 week goals in 9 weeks and won an award for management excellence at work! Thanks Demir and Carey.  I'm applying what you have taught me and the results are outstanding!!!
Our Clients
Your Mentors: Committed To YOUR Results
Demir & Carey Bentley
Demir & Carey are two of the leading online coaches in the performance industry.

Hundreds of clients graduate from Lifehack Bootcamp, their flagship program, each year with their productivity radically transformed. 

They’re also acclaimed writers, international speakers, and coaches to CEOs and self starters in dozens of countries. 

Carey and Demir host the annual Lifehack Summit, leading dozens of top productivity authors and leaders in providing the latest insights to the Lifehack Bootcamp community. 

They're known for their no-BS, no excuses coaching style and passion for creating huge transformation in each of their clients. They're also known for leading by example and constantly pushing the boundaries of lifestyle design, traveling around the world and experimenting with different ways of living.

They’re Forbes Contributors and Influencive Top 25 Influencers.

Their work has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, WSJ, HuffPo, and on podcasts like Forbes 30 Under 30, Amy Porterfield's Online Marketing Made Easy, The ONE Thing, and Don’t Keep Your Day Job. 

Carey and Demir live the digital nomad lifestyle, living up to 3 months at a time in cities around the globe. Currently, they live in Medellin, Colombia.

You'll discover...
  •  The 4 simple elements to put in place to quickly transform your productivity, along with our superhacks to get this information working immediately
  •  An entire section on how to transform your FOCUS. You’ll find yourself outperforming everyone else in your industry using this hack alone!
  •  How to step into a strong mental game, so you can defeat negative thinking, procrastination, fear and anxiety
  •  How to manage your energy and physical stamina to sustain a high level of performance over a long period of time. 
  •  Our technique for scheduling, tracking, and managing your time to discover and recover hours in your week that you didn’t think existed! 
And also...
  •  How to control and direct your communications, so that you aren’t being dinged to death by distractions
  •  How to structure your workdays, so that you’re in 100% control 
  •  How to master your mind, so that you can experience relief from analysis paralysis and procrastination
  •  How to stay productive longer instead of falling victim to fatigue and sloth
  •  When and how to use social media and the news - there’s a right way that very few understand, and there’s a wrong way that most people get stuck with!
  •  And more...
Plus, you'll be backed by Our...
Enjoy It Risk-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you've been burned by other online courses...

Or if you're on the fence...

Then I want to offer you the opportunity to get involved risk free. 

The Focus & Control Time Mastery Membership comes with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.  If you participate fully and finish the course, and for some reason you decide you didn’t get the results you wanted, then we'll happily cancel your account and refund your money within 30 days of purchase.  

We don't believe in taking anyone’s money who didn’t get tremendous value. And with a <1% refund rate, we know we can deliver.

So..If all this did for you was...
Teach you a tool to block distractions and focus at will
......would it be worth it?
Give you the ability to get home every day at 5pm
......would it be worth it?
Prove to you that 3-day weekends are possible
......would it be worth it?
Glimpse yourself at 100% of your ability
......would it be worth it?
Your best self could be slipping
If you decide to take a pass on investing in yourself, you’ll start to notice that you're slipping further away from the most powerful version of yourself. After all, if you’re not actively improving yourself, then you’re letting yourself slip backwards!

The individuals taking action on this information are the ones taking CONTROL of their time and becoming MASTERS of the new world economy. Don’t expect them to slow down - they’re just getting started! And 20 years from now, they’ll still be the ones re-inventing themselves so they can outperform everyone else. 
We can’t WAIT to share this information with you. We’ll see you on the next page!
Demir & Carey 

Ps - Just a reminder of what you’re getting today when you sign up for the Focus & Control Membership: 
  •  2 opportunities for live coaching with Demir every month
  •  Our complete F.A.S.T Focus & Control system of time mastery, with 4 hours of top-level training videos and detailed explanations of our super hacks - $497 value
  •  Access to worksheets, cheat sheets and downloads to help you on your journey to time mastery
  •  Access to your private facebook group where you can post questions and receive coaching
  •  Our 30 day money back guarantee
When I was working on Wall Street...
I felt like I was struggling to keep my head above water. Even though I was working crazy long hours, I never got enough done. I gained 80 pounds, sabotaged my relationship, and gave up my hobbies to throw myself into my work. But I still couldn't get ahead.  

That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing this course with you. Because you don’t need to go through the decade of learning, testing, and trial & error that I did.  

Unlike other productivity programs that overwhelm you or offer information that doesn’t really give you actionable next steps, our program will give you proven step-by-step directions to stop feeling overwhelmed and finally feel the power and confidence you’ve been missing. 

Carey and I have read the time management books, taken the seminars, and tested our methods on hundreds of our clients - and it all boils down to these 4 steps.

Plus, our “F.A.S.T. Focus & Control” Process is easy and fun - and suitable for professionals in all industries!