60 Day Breakthrough Bootcamp: For Those Who Need To Get Some Sanity And Freedom Back In Their Lives...
Stop Overextending Yourself, And Discover The Secrets 
To Creating Sanity And Freedom
Our Clients
You don't have to sacrifice so much for success
Believe us, we were there ourselves.  We know what it feels like. 

If life is like a Rubik's cube, we overachievers tend to solve the career side at the expense of everything else:  Our health...our families...our happiness. 

But there is a way to truly have it all (and it isn't as hard as you think).  

Lifehack Bootcamp is where we teach overachievers like you how to bring sanity back to their life, and solve the all sides of your life puzzle at once, not just the career side. 

And great news - you already have the most important ingredient, because you're an overachiever! 

You work hard. You're focused on success. That was born into you. You were born a "rocket" 🚀 - now you just need the right "rocket fuel" to get some sanity and balance back in your life. 

We've been there ourselves. We went from being overworked, burned out execs with chronic illnesses, to creating a "life first" workweek where we got more done than ever before, without the stress and overwhelm. 

Since then, we created Lifehack Bootcamp to teach these techniques to overworked clients worldwide. 

Our program is a top ranked online productivity program with a 97% success rate. We've become international speakers and media personalities, and we were recently named to the Forbes Coaches Council.

But the best part about all of our success is that we've accomplished all this while traveling the world, living in 18 different countries, and working less than 31 hours a week!

Now, our passion is showing people like you how to go from overwhelmed and overworked to efficient and powerful. After working with us, you'll be someone who can get better results in fewer hours...using super simple technology and FUN techniques. 

More importantly, you'll learn to love your life again. You'll love going into work everyday...you'll have that excitement back...you'll have your personal time back...you'll live a life you really love starting TODAY (not in retirement!).

And we can tell you - you can’t afford to waste another DAY of your life not feeling powerful, focused, and satisfied with your results! 
Life is like a Rubik's cube... solving the "career" side at the expense of the others 
is NOT winning!
Demir and Carey Bentley
Nationally Recognized Productivity Coaches 
and Lifestyle Optimizers
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What Clients Say About The 60-Day Breakthrough Bootcamp

What Clients Say About Lifehack Bootcamp
  We were the most overworked, overextended people we knew...
...until we worked ourselves sick. Not figuratively. Literally. 

Demir worked on Wall Street, putting in punishing hours that finally put him in the hospital with a failed digestive system in his early 30's. He was 80 pounds overweight and miserable.

Carey worked for big CPG companies managing billion dollar brands. The inefficiency and lack of systems meant she was working around the clock. Her chronic stress-related illness (ulcerative colitis) became unmanageable, leaving her bedridden for months.

Our doctor took us aside and told us we were shaving years off our lives because of how we were spending our time. We were devastated.
Years later, we've designed a life that puts US at the center...
...not our jobs, not our business. We have the freedom to explore the world, the capacity to deepen our relationships, and the time to become the best at what we do. 

And our passion is helping people like you become the best at what you do. We want you to become the most productive versions of yourself - not so you can work more, but so that you can design the life of your dreams. A life of happiness, balance, and fulfillment is possible for you today - it's just a matter of handing you the keys. 

Carey and I have read the time management books, taken the seminars, and tested our methods on hundreds of our clients - and it all boils down to these 60 days.

Unlike other productivity programs that overwhelm you or offer information that doesn’t really give you actionable next steps, our program will give you proven step-by-step tactics and the accountability to make sure you really do it. 

The result is nothing less than ...to stop feeling anxious and finally feel the power and confidence you’ve been missing. 

Now, on this page we’re answering all of your burning questions about the 60 Day Breakthrough Bootcamp, including what type of people we work with, what we teach, and how exactly this works, so keep scrolling to get the answers you’re looking for. 
Real Results from The 60-Day Breakthrough Bootcamp


Finance Manager

"This was a game changer. I have been more productive over the past 5 months than over the last 5 years.



“Thanks to the coaching in Lifehack Bootcamp, I’ve taken my delegation and outsourcing skills to the next level. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels!”



"I just came back from 10 days of vacation, and for the first time in my life I didn’t have to put in 20 hours/day of work for a solid week to catch up.”
Just Imagine...
Just imagine how much EASIER it is to get things done. You’re able to shut your laptop and go home early, feeling fantastic about what you and your team created. 

You've implemented a rock-solid productivity system, so that when things go wrong, you're still covered. No more working nights and weekends just to keep the train on its tracks. 

After work, you have time to truly relax and enjoy yourself. Maybe you pick up a new hobby. Maybe you finally have the time to take a much-needed vacation. Heck, maybe you're on track to automate your entire business and move to Fiji.

Best of all, you don't have any frustration, anxiety, or guilt around your work. You're excited to wake up each morning knowing that you have the tools to crush your workday and increase your impact. 

In fact, your friends and colleagues ask jealously how you manage to get it all done!

Here's what you'll discover in the 60-Day Breakthrough Bootcamp...
  •  How to control and direct your communications, so that you aren’t being dinged to death by distractions
  •  How to structure your workdays, so that you’re 100% in control 
  •  How to master your mind, so that you can experience relief from analysis paralysis and procrastination
  •  An entire section on how to transform your FOCUS. You’ll find yourself outperforming everyone else in your industry using this hack alone!
  •  Our technique for scheduling, tracking, and managing your time to find and recover hours in your week that you didn’t think existed! 
  •  How to prioritize ruthlessly, and have clarity and focus around your goals
  •  How to develop the habits and routines to create consistency in your day, and how to break old bad habits
And also...
  •  How to master your to-do list, so that you never forget an important task again
  •  Email mastery, inbox zero and even how to outsource your email inbox to someone else
  •  Our superhacks for delegation, eliminating meetings, and developing a team culture of getting things done  
  •   We’ll show you how to manage your energy and physical stamina to sustain a high level of performance over a long period of time. 
  •  How to stay productive longer instead of falling victim to fatigue and sloth
  •  When and how to use social media and the news - there’s a right way that very few understand, and there’s a wrong way that most people get stuck with!
  •  And so much more...
What Clients Say About The 60-Day Breakthrough Bootcamp
For more reviews, head over to www.lifehackbootcamp.com/reviews.
The 60 Day Breakthrough Bootcamp Consists Of Accountability, Mastery, And Mindsets. Here's What's Included:
60 Day Bootcamp Experience and full access to Demir, Carey, and their team during this time. That's right - we'll be on a first name basis with you.
8 Hours of Video Lectures explaining the Lifehack Bootcamp process and accompanying PDF worksheets, cheat sheets, and templates
8 Hours of BONUS Content with advanced material and accompanying PDF worksheets, cheat sheets, and templates
9 Group Coaching Calls with Demir on Sundays, followed by live pre-planning with my team! You'll identify your "champagne moment" and get pumped up and ready to crush your week. 
8 Group Office Hours Calls with Demir on Wednesdays, where you can ask any and all questions. Demir doesn't leave until every question has been answered and every problem has been solved.
Daily Accountability Calls with your accountability buddy, another high achiever in the bootcamp. You'll have the opportunity for a short 5 minute call in the morning and 5 minute call in the evening on weekdays - the easiest way to hold yourself accountable!
Mid-Bootcamp Checkin Call with Demir to make sure you're on track to hit your 8 week goals.
Private Facebook Page where you can interact with your team, share your results, and pose questions to the group.
Lifetime Access: You'll get lifetime access to the course materials, accessible on desktop and mobile, with more Q&A's being added each month.
PLUS this special gift...
4 One-On-One Private Calls with Demir or Carey during your bootcamp to cover special areas of consideration. Their hourly rate is $1000 per call - and 4 calls are included in your package as a special gift for you!
Week By Week Syllabus
Here's what we'll focus on each week of the Bootcamp, layering on new skills one at a time as you work your way to mastery.
Week 1: We Master The Mental Game: Beat procrastination, self-sabotage, and get back to feeling great about your work!

When it comes to mindsets, knowledge is power. You'll learn exactly how your 40,000 thoughts influence your day, and how to control them. Break the self-sabotage cycle, defeat negative limiting mindsets, develop perseverance, and learn how to take action in the face of procrastination and analysis paralysis.
Week 2: We Master Time Management With The Lifehack Bootcamp Focus Formula: Work 4x faster, defeat distractions and start feeling in control of your time.

You'll learn why focus is the #1 skill to develop in the modern economy, and how Deep Work can propel you to a higher level of success. 

You'll also learn how to control and re-capture your time. Conduct a time audit, create a time budget, and feel more in control of your time than ever before.
Week 3: We Master The Lifehack Bootcamp Habits And Routines: Build habits that help you start every day off on the right foot. Manufacture discipline automatically through daily and weekly routines.
Week 4: We Create Your Life Map: Create a roadmap that clarifies your exact priorities and guides you step-by-step to the life of your dreams.
Week 5: We Master Task Management: Build a flexible, trusted system where nothing falls through the cracks. 
Week 6: We Master All Forms Of Communication: Get to Inbox Zero (even if you have 60,000 emails right now!), create personal communications systems, and much more.
Weeks 7 and 8: We Create A Final Project: Bring it all together to solve some of the biggest problems in your life.
Frequently Asked Questions
Get answers to your burning questions, including
What type of people do we work with? 
What are some of our success stories? 
Is this just technology training?
What's the time commitment?
How does it work, exactly?
And much more...
What type of people do we work with?
Lifehack Bootcamp is for high performers who either own their own business(es), or who are high ranking managers. They manage 10-200 people and are looking for ways to get time back without risking their upward mobility in their industry.

Each applicant is vetted to ensure that the Bootcamp is exactly what they need, and that they’re right for the Bootcamp. We don’t want anyone taking the program who doesn’t stand to take massive leaps forward!

What are some of our success stories?
Gosh! Having worked with over 400 clients, there are too many to count. We share several stories in the video at the top of this page. Rick, who recovered time to start 2 new ventures, go turkey hunting, and start a new relationship. Jessa, who went from overworked in New York to moving to St. Lucia and blowing up her business. Check out that video if you haven’t already. 

There are many more reviews and case studies available at www.lifehackbootcamp.com/reviews.

Perhaps the best illustration of success is our unheardof completion rate and referral rate. We graduate 97% of our clients, in an industry where 3-7% is the average. Our refund rate is less than 0.5% - practically zero. And between 40-60% of new clients are referrals from graduates.

How did we get started in this line of coaching?
We weren’t always good at this stuff. In fact we became good out of necessity. When we experienced a scary health crisis, it forced us to abandon our old overworking habits and start experimenting with unconventional ways of living and working. 

Demir ended up outsourcing his entire job on Wall Street, turning a 80 hour week into a 8 hour month. Carey started getting twice as much done in her brand management job in half the time, forcing her company to backfill her role with TWO people when she left to start Lifehack Bootcamp. 

Today, our passion is showing overachievers like you the real tactics and tools to work smarter, not harder. If we can shortcut you past all the time, effort, failures and money we’ve spent to get you to where you want to be, then we’ll have succeeded.

Is the 60-Day Breakthrough Bootcamp in person or virtual?
Lifehack Bootcamp is a live, online team experience. This means we’ll be meeting LIVE on group Video Conference calls several times per week. Our clients can join these calls from wherever they are in the world without missing a beat. Be in a quiet place on your laptop for these calls so that you can fully participate - your vocal participation is highly encouraged!

Group calls are on Sundays and Wednesdays. Keep scrolling down to see the full schedule. We’ll also be assigning course videos to watch on your own time during the week.

Is it a group or 1:1?
You’ll be playing on the same team as 10-20 other high achievers who will become part of your network. The 60-Day Breakthrough Bootcamp is a white-glove service, so you’ll also have opportunities for several 1:1 calls with Demir and Carey throughout the experience. But the majority of the time will be spent in group sessions. 

This team aspect has been carefully designed into the program to create social dynamics that accelerate your results. There are 4 different layers of accountability built in - your coach, your team, your buddy, and public accountability. This creates the optimal conditions for you to turn what you know into something you actually do!

What times are the group calls?
The times of the calls may change slightly depending on the Bootcamp, but are typically:
Sundays at 3pm PST / 6pm EST
Wednesdays at 12pm PST / 3pm EST

All calls are recorded and posted afterwards.

I don’t have the time. What should I do?
Within the first week, we’ll show you the tools you need to get back 10 hours in your week. All we ask is that you use some of these recovered hours to reinvest in the rest of the Bootcamp! 

Are you going to teach me or my team?
We coach the team leader first before doing team trainings. Once the team leader has completed Lifehack Bootcamp to our satisfaction, we’ll open up a conversation about doing a custom team training if that’s of interest. 

The reason for this is because change starts at the top! When we train teams without training the manager first, it creates issues with team communication and organization because you aren’t all on the same page. Even if it feels like your team is the issue, not you, it’s imperative to put yourself through the program first and be open to learning a new way of working.

Is this just technology training?
A lot of people think productivity training is just about learning new technology. And a part of it is, that’s true. But we approach technology differently. We believe it’s better to master 5 pieces of technology than be average at 10. Our process will strip away many of the technologies you use and replace them with a very limited number of simple, powerful, multi-use technologies. 

Whether you work in the Google ecosystem or the Microsoft system, you’ll be able to use the tools we teach. We’re aware that you may be facing firewall or IT security issues and will work through any tech problems that come up on a 1:1 basis. 

How long is it?
Lifehack Bootcamp is 60 days long (8 weeks total). 

For the first 6 weeks, we’ll be stripping away old habits that don’t serve you and replacing them with new habits. For the last 2 weeks, you’ll be doing a final project where you integrate everything you’ve learned and create a major transformation in your life. 

We keep your results going after you graduate in our Performance Mastermind group (more on this later).

How does it work?
Life isn’t a one-size-fits all endeavor. Neither is Lifehack Bootcamp! We’ll give you the tools, but it’s up to you to decide which ones you truly need for your unique life. Some weeks will be majorly transformative for you, and some weeks won’t be. 

When you trust the process and take the ride, we promise you you’ll love the outcome.

What’s the time investment?
The time investment is a minimum of 3 hours per week for 8 weeks. This is split up into 1 hour for watching the online content, and 2 hours for the group coaching calls. You will want to invest additional time to implement what you’re learning directly into your workday as we go. The more time you invest, the greater your results. 

What’s the monetary investment?
The monetary investment is $5000. There are payment plans available upon request. 

Many clients have been successful in getting their company to reimburse them for all or part of this expense. If you’re a business owner, this is a tax-deductible business expense.

What else would I be committing to?
We ask all clients to be coachable. This simply means being open to new ideas, new ways of working and living, and suspending disbelief for the time they’re in the Bootcamp.

When are the calls scheduled?
The Sunday calls will be at 3pm PST/6pm EST. The optional Wednesday calls will be at 12pm PST/3pm EST. Our European clients often find the Wednesday calls work best with their schedule.

Are the calls recorded?
Yes, every single call is recorded and posted within 24 hours after the call. 

Do you take clients from Europe, Australia, and Asia?
Yes, we take clients from all over the world. If you can’t make the Sunday calls live, we ask that you try to attend the Wednesday calls live. If you need to miss a call for whatever reason, just let us know and we’ll make sure you get a copy of the recording.

How do the Accountability Buddies work?
You’ll be paired up with another person in your Bootcamp who will be your accountability buddy. You will have a 5 minute call in the morning, and a 5 minute call in the evening with your buddy each weekday. We provide call scripts and instruction on how to make this accountability relationship incredible. 

If for some reason you need to change buddies or miss some calls, just let us know with plenty of advance warning and we’ll take care of it.

I have a different question.
Great! Email us at info@lifehackbootcamp.com with your question. Someone from our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

What’s the next step?
The next step is to click the button below and schedule a call with our head coach, Demir. In this call, he’ll make sure the Bootcamp is a good fit for you, answer your questions, and set your 8 week goals. 

On the next page, you’ll be asked some basic application questions and be given the link to schedule a call with Demir. 

What Clients Say About Our Coaching


Digital Media CEO

"The amount of time you spend taking the course will pay off within days, if not weeks. 

These people truly do care." 


SEO Expert

"Life's much simpler now that I know where I want to go, have a roadmap to get there, and have the tools to take the right steps daily - without the overwhelm." 


Former Head of Training for Tony Robbins

"I’ve worked for some of the most well known personal development gurus in the world, and I can tell you this is the best productivity program I have ever encountered."


Fashion Photographer

"Before, my system was broken. Now, I’ve built a better, stronger system that WORKS for me, and I get more work done than ever, in less time."


Director of Technology

"Every part of my experience with Lifehack Bootcamp has helped me to build a better, stronger system that WORKS for me. 
It's time we gave it to you straight. As your coaches, it's our job to be honest with you...
...you're doing what you ALWAYS do! You're over analyzing and over researching. You're afraid to take ACTION, because what if you're disappointed in the program or in yourself?

But ask yourself - how long are you going to stagnate in fear? You NEED to take action if you're going to commit to change. You NEED to be willing to take the leap, even if you can't see the ground. 

You can either have RESULTS, or EXCUSES. But not both.  

So if you're ready to set yourself apart from your peers, and take real action to create a life that works for you on ALL levels, then apply to Lifehack Bootcamp today. 

We can't wait to meet you, set your goals, and get right to work creating your ideal life. 

Oh, by the way, if you think this is one of those programs where we send you some videos and you never talk to us again, you're WRONG. This is a white-glove service. We'll be on a first name basis and you'll have full access to us AND our team during the entire experience.

After all, if ALL this Bootcamp did for you was: 
✊🏼 Give you the ability to get home every day at 5pm...
✊🏼 Prove to you that 3-day weekends are possible...
✊🏼 Show you how to work at 100% of your ability...
...would it be worth it? 

But a quick WARNING: 
If you decide to take a pass on investing in yourself, you’ll start to notice yourself slipping further and further. After all, if you’re not actively improving yourself, then you’re letting yourself slip backwards!

The individuals taking action are the ones taking CONTROL of their time and becoming MASTERS of the new world economy. Don’t expect them to slow down - they’re just getting started! And 20 years from now, they’ll still be the ones re-inventing themselves so they can outperform everyone else. 

We know you're an action taker, and we can't wait to get started. 

Demir & Carey