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Your brain is like an operating system. Is yours programmed for overwhelm and negativity, or power and positivity?
How powerful is your average day right now?
As you charge into your office every morning, which of the following most accurately describes your general state of mind:

Attitude #1: You feel anxious, stressed and a little worn-thin - not quite sure what the day is going to bring you and not quite sure what emergency is going to side-track you?

Attitude #2: You feel powerful, energetic and focused -- knowing that you're going to kick butt and take names, no matter what gets thrown on your plate.

Now ask yourself this…

If you could begin tackling more and more of your days with Attitude #2 above, how radically do you think your life would change?

  • Do you think you would get more meaningful work done?
  • Do you think you would be more confident in your decisions?
  • Do you think you would be a bigger inspiration to your team?
  • Do you think you could weather challenges and obstacles better?
My guess is yes, right? All of the above.

So the REAL question is, how do you consistently ditch attitude #1 and switch over to attitude #2?

 Having a "Power Day" every day is possible...
Hey there, we're Demir and Carey Bentley. We went from being bedridden due to stress-related work illnesses to building a massively successful lifestyle design business that allows us to travel the world, speak internationally, serve thousands, and live life on our terms.

Now, if you're reading this right now, there's a good chance that you're already a fan of Bentley Coaching.

You might have participated in our Lifehack Bootcamp, taken our FAST Time Mastery course, or heard about us in media outlets like Forbes, Entrepreneur, EO Fire, and Influencive. 

And like us, you're probably fired up about transforming what your workday looks like and getting your career from good to freakin' fantastic.

Because, if you could simply get your day started with the right mindsets to THRIVE and achieve everything from cutting down your work hours to decluttering your to-do list, to getting out of mundane meetings, to getting that massive raise...wouldn't you?

All it takes is 15 min of prep time every morning to dial into your zone of genius and show up to work as the very best version of yourself.

All it takes is 15 minutes a day to dial in your zone of genius and get on track to have a Power Day.
Demir and Carey Bentley
Nationally Recognized Productivity Coaches 
and Lifestyle Optimizers
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What are the ingredients of a Power Day?
As you can probably guess, our schedule is PACKED with serving Bentley Coaching clients at the highest level possible. And because of our commitment to our clients' success, you can imagine that working with us individually every single day would cost a pretty penny.

But this is your opportunity to do just that, without it costing you thousands. 

Introducing Power Day.

Every single day via email, you will receive a new video from me and Carey giving you new strategies, systems, and mindset shifts to make your day Powerful.

Power Day consists of 4 Modules, each designed to get you starting your day in the most powerful way. There are 5 videos per module, released one day at a time.

Power Environment
The first step to a Power Day isn’t adding to your workflow, it’s taking away. We’ll show you the best ways to clear the physical, digital, and mental clutter in your environment and create the space for powerful work. 

Power Morning
The first 15 minutes of your day determine your productivity for the next 10 hours. So having a power morning is non-optional to your success! Learn our hacks for up leveling, standardizing, and habituating your morning for success.

Power Focus
If your focus is flabby, you’ll find yourself slipping on your goals and overcommitting to too many things. Learn how to develop a strong focus muscle to defeat procrastination and reject multitasking.

Power Mindsets
We all have negative voices in our head, something I like to call the “Itty Bitty Shi**y Committee.” Learn how to shut the committee down, how to get back on the horse powerfully, and other mindset hacks for your Power Day.

What Clients Say About Our Coaching
“On a scale of 1 to 10, I’ve made a 10/10 transformation when it comes to procrastination. I’ve essentially gotten rid of it all together."

Robert Szelei
“If you’re the type of person who can get A’s giving 60% of your effort, then this is for you. Demir and Carey will push you to 100% – and what you can accomplish then is out of this world!”

Marlana Hope
“I’ve got all the tools I need now to accomplish my goals. Demir and Carey have given me the awareness that the mental game was holding me back from success with everything I wanted to accomplish, and I now have the tools and knowledge to change my approach and succeed.”

Enrique Dalmasso
“Demir and Carey helped me manage the chaos of my life, so when sh*t hits the fan, I know what to do!”

Enver Gjokaj
“The power of saying ‘no’ truly is powerful! The mindset change I experienced through learning how to leverage my yes’s and no’s to get closer to what I want is invaluable.”

Omnia Khamis
“My husband has noticed a real change in me. He says he’s never seen me so focused and productive. There’s a momentum he can feel in our business of new people flowing in. And I’ve seen the change in me to… I’ve noticed that I truly enjoy all of my down time so much more. Because I know that I’ve earned the break!”

Kerri Wood
When your alarm goes off tomorrow morning...
...You'll click play on your newest Power Day video instead of opening Facebook or checking your email. You’ll experience a surge of motivation and receive that day’s challenge for up-leveling your workflow. 

An average workday isn’t good enough anymore. Having a power day, EVERY day, is what differentiates the tiger (you) from the cats (average people).

All it takes is 15 min of prep time every morning to dial into your zone of genius and show up to work as the very best version of yourself.

Let’s get started!
How to get started with Power Day
You can get started with Power Day right away. 

Now 1:1 daily coaching with Demir & Carey for 30 days would run you $7000

Group coaching with Demir & Carey for 30 days would run you $3000

But since our Power Day videos are pre-recorded, we're able to get you access for much, much less. 

Plus, if you order today, you'll get our juicy bonuses included with your purchase.
If ALL this did for you was...
Turned one bad week into a fabulous week...
...would it be worth it?
Helped you get home to your family sooner...
...would it be worth it?
   Showed you how to regain your focus...
...would it be worth it?
   Helped you wake up excited and happy...
...would it be worth it?
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Power Day for?
Power Day is for high performers who either own their own business(es), or who are high ranking managers. They manage 10-200 people and are looking for ways to get time back without risking their upward mobility in their industry.

What's the time commitment?
Power Day will require 15 minutes of time each day for the next month. A new video will be sent to your inbox each weekday, along with a simple daily challenge designed to launch you into a Power Day.

Is there a guarantee?
Power Day comes with a 30 day full money-back guarantee. No questions asked. We're taking away any risk with taking part in Power Day!

What are some of our success stories?
Gosh! Having worked with thousands of clients, there are too many to count.  There are reviews and case studies available at www.lifehackbootcamp.com/reviews.

Perhaps the best illustration of success is our unheardof completion rate and referral rate. We graduate 97% of our clients, in an industry where 3-7% is the average. Our refund rate is less than 0.5% - practically zero. And between 40-60% of new clients are referrals from graduates.

How did we get started in this line of coaching?
We weren’t always good at this stuff. In fact we became good out of necessity. When we experienced a scary health crisis, it forced us to abandon our old overworking habits and start experimenting with unconventional ways of living and working. 

Demir ended up outsourcing his entire job on Wall Street, turning a 80 hour week into a 8 hour month. Carey started getting twice as much done in her brand management job in half the time, forcing her company to backfill her role with TWO people when she left to start Lifehack Bootcamp. 

Today, our passion is showing overachievers like you the real tactics and tools to work smarter, not harder. If we can shortcut you past all the time, effort, failures and money we’ve spent to get you to where you want to be, then we’ll have succeeded.

Are you going to teach me or my team?
We coach the team leader first before doing team trainings. Once the team leader has completed Lifehack Bootcamp to our satisfaction, we’ll open up a conversation about doing a custom team training if that’s of interest. 

The reason for this is because change starts at the top! When we train teams without training the manager first, it creates issues with team communication and organization because you aren’t all on the same page. Even if it feels like your team is the issue, not you, it’s imperative to put yourself through the program first and be open to learning a new way of working.

Is this just technology training?
A lot of people think productivity training is just about learning new technology. And a part of it is, that’s true. But we approach technology differently. We believe it’s better to master 5 pieces of technology than be average at 10. Our process will strip away many of the technologies you use and replace them with a very limited number of simple, powerful, multi-use technologies. 

Whether you work in the Google ecosystem or the Microsoft system, you’ll be able to use the tools we teach. We’re aware that you may be facing firewall or IT security issues and will work through any tech problems that come up on a 1:1 basis. 

How long is it?
Lifehack Bootcamp is 60 days long (8 weeks total). 

For the first 6 weeks, we’ll be stripping away old habits that don’t serve you and replacing them with new habits. For the last 2 weeks, you’ll be doing a final project where you integrate everything you’ve learned and create a major transformation in your life. 

We keep your results going after you graduate in our Performance Mastermind group (more on this later).

How does it work?
Life isn’t a one-size-fits all endeavor. Neither is Lifehack Bootcamp! We’ll give you the tools, but it’s up to you to decide which ones you truly need for your unique life. Some weeks will be majorly transformative for you, and some weeks won’t be. 

When you trust the process and take the ride, we promise you you’ll love the outcome.

What’s the time investment?
The time investment is a minimum of 3 hours per week for 8 weeks. This is split up into 1 hour for watching the online content, and 2 hours for the group coaching calls. You will want to invest additional time to implement what you’re learning directly into your workday as we go. The more time you invest, the greater your results. 

What’s the monetary investment?
The monetary investment is $5000. There are payment plans available upon request. 

Many clients have been successful in getting their company to reimburse them for all or part of this expense. If you’re a business owner, this is a tax-deductible business expense.

What else would I be committing to?
We ask all clients to be coachable. This simply means being open to new ideas, new ways of working and living, and suspending disbelief for the time they’re in the Bootcamp.

When are the calls scheduled?
The Sunday calls will be at 3pm PST/6pm EST. The optional Wednesday calls will be at 12pm PST/3pm EST. Our European clients often find the Wednesday calls work best with their schedule.

Are the calls recorded?
Yes, every single call is recorded and posted within 24 hours after the call. 

Do you take clients from Europe, Australia, and Asia?
Yes, we take clients from all over the world. If you can’t make the Sunday calls live, we ask that you try to attend the Wednesday calls live. If you need to miss a call for whatever reason, just let us know and we’ll make sure you get a copy of the recording.

How do the Accountability Buddies work?
You’ll be paired up with another person in your Bootcamp who will be your accountability buddy. You will have a 5 minute call in the morning, and a 5 minute call in the evening with your buddy each weekday. We provide call scripts and instruction on how to make this accountability relationship incredible. 

If for some reason you need to change buddies or miss some calls, just let us know with plenty of advance warning and we’ll take care of it.

I have a different question.
Great! Email us at info@lifehackbootcamp.com with your question. Someone from our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

What’s the next step?
The next step is to click the button below and schedule a call with our head coach, Demir. In this call, he’ll make sure the Bootcamp is a good fit for you, answer your questions, and set your 8 week goals. 

On the next page, you’ll be asked some basic application questions and be given the link to schedule a call with Demir.