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For Lifehackers With Unconventional Dreams

Lifestyle Launchpad is the membership community for lifehackers who reject conventional thinking.

Learn the specific skills and mindsets you need to design the life of your dreams, from mentors who can shortcut you to success. 

Tackle the issues that hold you back the most, like time management, overwhelm, and creating automation systems.

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You're ready to design the life of your dreams...
And your dreams don't include working harder, longer hours. 😤 #beentheredonethat

Now, it's time to enjoy your life. You've created success. You've put in the hours. But the best, most rewarding stage of your life is yet to come.

The stage where you have time for yourself. The one where you build a legacy. The time where you invest in your personal growth. 

We created the Performance Mastermind organically out of necessity. It was the community we needed to stay inspired, stay accountable to our personal growth, and to nerd out with fellow lifehackers who were designing their dream lives. 🚀

When we had Wall Street and Corporate America jobs, we felt like we were sacrificing everything for our careers. The worst part was, we still weren't seeing the success we wanted. 

If life is like a Rubik's Cube, we were solving for the career side at the expense of all the other sides - like family, health, and relationships. When we had a scary health crisis, we woke up. We realized the conventional path wasn't for us, and that we wanted more - NOW

Things like...
💥 Closing our laptops at 1pm everyday to get a massage 
💥 Popping into our business for the fun parts, and delegating out the rest
💥 Spending more time going on trips with our family and creating lifelong memories 

The Performance Mastermind is for people who are done pursuing a conventional path. They're ready to take massive action and try new ways of doing everything - from how they run their business, to making money, to spending their free time. 

So if you've got an unconventional dream, then you're in the right place. Read on to learn more about the mastermind and what it's like to be a part of this incredible community.
Demir And Carey Bentley
Nationally Recognized Productivity Coaches And Lifestyle Optimizers
Our goal isn't to become more productive so we can shove more work in. We'd rather close our laptop at 1pm...everyday.
Here's what members say
"I joined the Performance Mastermind because I wanted to set up systems and create efficiencies in my business. I also wanted to be kept accountable. I don't ever want to go back to the old feeling of always being overwhelmed, tired, and unproductive. If you're feeling like this right now, JOIN!!!"
Margaret H.
"The key value you can't get anywhere else is the ongoing coaching support from Demir, Carey, and the Lifehack Bootcamp team; as well as the network of others who are just like you focused on creating positive habits to get things done. The immeasurable value of this program far exceeds the monetary expense. Don't hesitate! Just do it!!"
Cassandra H.
The Premier Learning Ecosystem For Lifehackers, By Lifehackers
Join the top 0.5% of most productive individuals in the world.
Stay motivated and accountable to your ambitious goals.
Create freedom habits that propel you into the life of your dreams.
Build automation systems so you can run your business in half the time, from anywhere in the world.
Get massively in control of your weeks and months with LIVE group coaching calls 2x per month.
Learn from 30+ top lifehackers in productivity and lifestyle design, like Lewis Howes, Mel Robbins, and Cal Newport.
Get mentorship from Demir & Carey. (We design new trainings every month based on what you tell us you need.)
Imagine if you had more freedom than anyone you know...
...and your friends and family ask you how you do it. 

Sometimes you have to pinch yourself. 
You're living the kind of life you once only dreamed of. 🏖

You've designed anxiety, fear, and stress out of your life. Your business is doing better than ever, yet runs smoothly with minimal supervision.

The secret that you live by (that your friends are too scared to see) is that to live like no one else, you have to be willing to live like no one else

You're willing to take chances
You're willing to challenge the status quo.
And you're just getting started. 👊🏽
What's Included?
Mentorship from Demir & Carey
Learn from two of the top influencers in productivity, performance, and lifestyle design.
The Systems Mastery Course
Design the systems to automate your business using Demir & Carey's complete Systems Mastery Course, a step-by-step course with over 10 hours of content.
Monthly Themed Mastermind Calls
Get hot seat coaching from Demir & Carey in LIVE, online mastermind calls. Each month, we explore a new theme designed to push you to be your best self.
Live Pre-Planning Workshops
Our wildly popular monthly pre-planning sessions, where you get massively in control about your upcoming month. Leave feeling confident that this month will be a huge success.
Accountability Pods
Upon request, you'll be placed in a pod with 3-4 other high achievers who hold you to your commitments and goals.
Guest Experts
Source the best knowledge in the world with a wide range of experts at the top of their field. Guests range from Feng Shui experts to NYT Bestselling Productivity Authors, all coaching you to your success.
Private Network Of High Achievers
Our vibrant private community, hosted on Facebook, is where Performance Mastermind members get answers and coaching FAST from fellow members and Demir and Carey. Ask anything in this warm and supportive community.
Frequently Asked Questions
What's the purpose of the Performance Mastermind?
The purpose of this mastermind is to create a community of dreamers, high achievers, and freedom seekers who refuse to accept the status quo. This community supports and challenges each other to seek new levels of freedom, control, and happiness. 
When are the live calls scheduled?
The monthly mastermind calls are scheduled on Wednesday evenings (United States time). The monthly pre-planning calls are scheduled on Sunday afternoons. Both calls are recorded and posted directly afterwards for folks who can't attend live. These are online calls, so you can join from anywhere in the world from your computer or phone.
Are the calls recorded?
Yes! We record all the live calls and post the recordings afterwards. If you can't attend live, you'll have full access to these recordings immediately after the call.
What have been some of the monthly themes for the Mastermind?
Each month is a new theme based on what we've heard and seen is needed in the group. Past themes have included "Being The LeBron Of Your Day", "How To Keep Meetings From Consuming Your Week", and "Shattering Conventional Lifestyle Design." 
Can I pause or stop by membership?
Yes, you can pause or cancel your membership at any time by sending us an email.
Here’s what members of the Performance Mastermind get…

  •  Continued coaching from Demir and Carey through our private Facebook Group (AND live calls)
  •  Admission into our LIVE Monthly Mastermind Call featuring Demir, covering topics ranging from review concepts (habits and routines), to advanced lifehacking (lifestyle automation and travel)
  •  The chance to join an Accountability Pod so you can huddle up with other members who are at a similar stage — provide accountability and support, brainstorm together, dish out feedback. 
  •  Unlimited chances to submit questions for us to answer in the Facebook Group. Yep—your very own, personal question answered by the pros. No fluff, no BS, no excess.
  •  Access to live “Weekly Pre-planning Sessions”, where you can get powerful about your week (and get back on the wagon). 
  •  Access to our wildly popular “Monthly Pre-planning Session”, where we get a drop on the MONTH using powerful pre-planning techniques.
  •  Access to Demir’s “Massive Monday” productivity Facebook Live.  We start the week off right with a powerful group Sticky Session!
  •  Access to our members-only private Facebook group—AKA an insanely close knit community of generous, like-minded entrepreneurs who love to give even more than they love to request help!

And all for one flat monthly fee… 
(Hint: it’s 1/10th the cost of hiring a coach!)
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get coaching, accountability, an incredible network...and so much more
  • Stay connected with this work - Get inspired to improve and hone the skills you learned in the Core Bootcamp
  • Monthly mastermind calls - LIVE coaching with Demir, featuring deep-dives on themes from the Core Bootcamp
  • Access to network of 100's of graduates - Connect with fellow grads via the private Facebook Group
  • Get the latest lifehacks - Stay in the loop on new lifehacks, technologies, and systems
  • And so much more - Get support, accountability, and coaching