LIVE WORKSHOP: For Those Who Need To Get Some Sanity And Freedom Back In Their Lives...
Live Workshop With Demir & Carey Bentley
Discover hyper-Productivity For The Distraction Generation
Reclaim 10 Hours Of Your Life Back From Your Overcommitted And Hectic Schedule
Limited to 50 Attendees
On The Agenda...
⚡️Recover 10 hours: How to use Carey & Demir’s secret FAST Method to recover 10 hours in your busy week… almost immediately!

💥Why you've been misled: Discover why the trick to productivity is NOT getting the most things done (and why the secret to a stress free and enjoyable life is actually quite the opposite)

🔥The #1 superpower of the modern economy: How to make sure you’re STRENGTHENING it so you consistently outperform your peers, instead of letting it atrophy like everyone else around you.

🙌The Yes-but-No Commitment Killing Technique: How to bring sanity to your life by politely excusing yourself from an over-committed schedule without burning bridges

🏋🏽The Best Way To Be Productive: It’s an iPhone, no… it’s an Android phone… no, it’s a $3 pack of sticky notes!

🏄Bringing the FUN back: What it takes to make work fun again (so you can enjoy what you’re doing again, just like when you started)

🚀The 30 Hour Work Week Roadmap: Get a bird’s eye glimpse of what it actually takes to move from where you are now, to working 30 hours per week like us (it’s not as hard as it might seems as long as you follow these 5 simple steps).