With the Lifehack Bootcamp 7 Day Productivity Accelerator
Let me know if this story sounds familiar...
being productive is harder than ever
We're working harder, longer hours
We're way more stressed out

We're expected to get more and more done with less and less!
Imagine Being in total control...
Working faster and more effectively
Completely focused on command
Having perfect clarity on your priorities
distractions that are holding you back
Becoming a master of time management
Getting control over your email inbox
Creating systems that make your work easier
Sound impossible? Not anymore. These are typical results our clients get.


Former Head of Training for Tony Robbins

"I’ve worked for some of the most well known personal development gurus in the world, and I can tell you this is the best productivity program I have ever encountered."


Fashion Photographer

"Before this Bootcamp, my system was broken. Now, I’ve built a better, stronger system that WORKS for me, and I get more work done than ever, in less time."


Director of Technology

"I took a chance joining this bootcamp, and every part of my experience in it has helped me to build a better, stronger system that WORKS for me. 


Finance Manager

"Lifehack Bootcamp was a game changer. I have been more productive over the past 5 months than over the last 5 years.


Film Producer

"Lifehack Bootcamp gave me the tools to function at my maximum capacity...that translated into more time personally and professionally, and a huge impact both for me and my team.”


SEO Expert

"Life's much simpler now that I know where I want to go, have a roadmap to get there, and have the tools to take the right steps daily - without the overwhelm." 
Most people try to master productivity the wrong way
  • We keep trying to learn productivity by reading books and going to seminars - but it’s not working!
  • We get stuck in a cycle of setting high expectations, getting disappointing results, and feeling guilty about it. 
But productivity isn't about what you know
it's about what you do consistently.
This is real coaching, with real people and live trainings. Not just videos online. 

Hi, I'm Demir Gjokaj

I'm the Founder and Head Trainer at Lifehack Bootcamp.  You'll train with me live!

  • You'll build a 1:1 relationship with your coach and your 30 other team members
  • We bring the best coaching, team support, and accountability to actually get results
  • Our unique system has been tested in the real world for over 500,000 hours
Learn to work more efficiently than you’ve ever worked.
Get the BEST skills and techniques at your fingertips, ones that are tested in the real world 

Surround yourself with a network of inspiring lifehackers who are motivating you to reach your big goals 
Get coaching from nationally recognized productivity coaches, who share their wisdom with you every day
Build a COMPLETE SYSTEM that supports you in achieving your goals

The Lifehack Bootcamp Productivity Accelerator
 is the first program of it’s kind to offer:

TRAINING AS A TEAM:   We view productivity as a team sport.  This truly unique approach is the key to our success. We treat productivity training like professional athletic training -- that’s how we unlock 100% of your potential.

FAST PROGRESS, IN REAL LIFE: No filler.  No theory.  No fluff.  The emphasis is on “doing” over “knowing”. You will “get your hands dirty” learning new technologies and technologies.  We take the process step-by-step, giving you time and coaching to master each concept before moving on.

PROVEN RESULTS: We road tested our concepts in the real world, not a classroom.  It’s the result of years of testing on hundreds of top professionals.  The program is a blend of the best tools and techniques available today.  The results speak for themselves:  99% of past attendees reported an powerful increase in focus, decrease in overwhelm, and mastery over distraction and 33% say this program changed their life.

Be part of the team 
achieving productivity mastery!
You'll Come out Of the Accelerator...
Working 3x faster and more effectively
Feeling focused and motivated
Ready to tackle your toughest projects
Perfectly clear on your priorities
Able to block distractions
On your way to being a master of your time 
In control over your email inbox
Creating systems that make your life easier
And much, much more
Our live, online class makes it easy and fun to participate
Get in control of your life surrounded by an incredible team of 
C-suite executives and high-performing entrepreneurs
Plus..if you're one of the first 25 to register, you'll receive these amazing gifts!
Here's what's Included:
The Lifehack Bootcamp Productivity Accelerator
One-Week Training Program: You’ll get instant access to our One-Week training videos and materials, along with full coaching and staff support. 
($500 Value)
2 Sunday Coaching Calls: You will get two LIVE group Sunday training sessions, both led by me (Demir). 
($399 Value)
Wednesday Performance Mindsets Call: I'm going to also host a LIVE performance mindsets session on Wednesday!
($155 Value)
2 Daily Accountability Checks: Every morning and evening you will have an accountability check-in to make SURE you’re leaning in and playing full out. This piece is critical to getting you stepping out of your comfort zone and playing full out. 
($151 Value)
Lifetime Access: You'll get lifetime access to the course materials and all call recordings from the Accelerator
($149 Value)
Network of Elite Team Members: You are NOT alone. You’ll be part of an elite team of productivity hackers. This team will be just as talented as you - if not more! These are A-players looking to go PRO with their productivity - so you’re going to LOVE getting to know them and having them in your network. 
($99 Value)
PLUS this special gift...
Your Free Gift - Daily Productivity Hacks from the coach, covering special topics and considerations so you can catapult your productivity forward!
($101 Value)
If you said YES to any of these, you're in the RIGHT PLACE!
When you add it all up, that's a total value of $1,554...
But for the first movers who commit NOW to joining me, 
I'm giving you the opportunity to enroll at the special price of...
Just $97
Hurry...registration closes soon:
Please email us at [email protected] if you'd like to be notified when registration opens again!

Hurry...registration closes soon:


Small Business Owner

"It's taken a lot of pressure off of me.  I'm getting a lot more done, and I get to spend a lot more quality time with my son.”


Digital Media Strategist

"The amount of time you spend taking the course will pay off within days, if not weeks. 

These people truly do care." 
Plus, you'll be backed by...
An Incredible, "Try it, Apply it" 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you've been burned by other online courses...

Or if you're on the fence...

Then I want to offer you the opportunity to get involved risk free. 

The Lifehack Bootcamp One Week Productivity Sprint comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.  If you participate fully and finish the course, and for some reason you decide you didn’t get the results you wanted, then we'll happily cancel your account and refund your money.  

We don't believe in taking anyone’s money who didn’t get tremendous value. And with a <1% refund rate, we know we can deliver.

So...if ALL this did for you was...
Teach you a tool to block distractions and focus at will
......would it be worth it?
Give you the ability to get home every day at 5pm
......would it be worth it?
Prove to you that 3-day weekends are possible
......would it be worth it?
Glimpse yourself at 100% of your ability
......would it be worth it?
You have 2 choices in this moment
Is it going to be RESULTS or EXCUSES?
Frequently Asked Questions
What's the time commitment?
5 hours total, which includes 2 two-hour live mandatory sessions. The final hour is for watching course material and connecting with your buddy. Every hour you put in results in bigger, better results for you - and that means more control over your life! So we encourage you to invest as much time as you can into implementing the tools into your life, so that you can come out of the Sprint breaking boards with your bare hands. 

Schedule for the week:

SUNDAY OCTOBER 1, 12-3pm PST / 3-6pm EST: Live Online Group Coaching (Mandatory) - kickoff and orientation

SUNDAY OCTOBER 8, 4-6pm PST / 7-9pm EST: Live Online Group Coaching (Mandatory) - to celebrate our results

DAILY: daily challenges, accountability check-ins with your teammates and coaches, and new productivity hacks

Please re-arrange your calendar so that you can attend the Sunday mandatory sessions!
When is the next Accelerator?
We do not open enrollment into the Accelerator very often, so we don't know when the next opportunity will be for you to take it.  Please send us an email at [email protected] if you'd like to be informed when registration opens again.
What time will the Sunday calls be?
The Sunday calls are listed above. These are mandatory, so email us immediately if you think you'll have to miss one of them.  There's also an optional Wednesday coaching session from 12-1pm PST/3-4pm EST.
What happens after I register?
Once you register, you will get immediate access to the course materials.  When you login, you'll see a welcome video that will get you oriented and up to speed on what to do first. You'll be able to join your private team Facebook group, schedule a diagnostic call with your assistant coach, and start learning a core concept that you'll be practicing!  I encourage you to get started and explore the materials right away! 
I have another question that's not answered here.
No problem - we'd love to get your question answered! Email us at [email protected] and someone from our team will get you an answer right away. 
Last chance to reserve your spot!